Noted Journalist Ralph Dighton Wrote About Elaine Townsend

One of the USA’s foremost science journalists during the middle of the 20th Century was Ralph Dighton of the Associated Press.

Ralph Dighton Wrote About Science

Elaine Townsend
Article by Ralph Dighton About Elaine Townsend: Beauty Forgoes Film to Run Havana Casino
Ralph Dighton’s writings were published in newspapers across the country in the 1950s and ’60s, so in a sense he was America’s voice for explaining the quickly-growing world of science to the masses.

Here is an article he wrote that explained the underlying reason for America’s quest to put a man on the moon: Survival Called Basic Reason Behind Haste to Reach Moon.

Here is Ralp Dighton’s highly-noted article about some of the first crash-test dummies: Meet ‘Sierra Sam’ a Stand-in for Man

Historic photos of Ralph Dighton on the job: 1960 and 1962

Reporter Press Photo – 1966: Ralph Dighton

Ralph Dighton Wrote About Hollywood

Dighton was based in Los Angeles for much of his career and, before he turned his focus to science, he wrote articles about Hollywood, including one about the history of the fabled Hollywood Hotel.

Here is an article that refers to a biography Dighton wrote about Howard Hughes.

Ralph Dighton Also Wrote About Elaine Townsend

Naturally, with his keen eye for what really mattered, Ralph Dighton wrote about Elaine Townsend: Beauty Forgoes Film to Run Havana Casino